Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Surprise, Surprise....

Well, we have had a lot going on since Valentine's Day...Okay Valentines day was fun. Jordan got his first Valentine's from a wonderful church group (who I will be sure to thank and mention as soon as I find out who they are). Due to his central and artery lines being in on this day he could not put on any clothes. So we got some red socks. Jordan LOVED them!!! He even practiced lifting his foot to see the bright color.

His first Valentine's Day Cards...Aaaw!
Window Decoration

Jordan and his RED sock
Hospital Door  Decorations

Jordan lifting his foot to see it

Brian Jr.'s V-day card to the family

The inside of Bj's card

In other news, the second esophagram was completed Monday (2/20/12) at 1:15pm. Results were GREAT!!! His small opening showed that it was healing, so Dr. Huang said that she would let him start feeding by mouth this week. She even stated that during the beginning of the test, he was to swallow the meds that is needed to see down the esophagus and he got most of it down. So that was good to know. It seems as if he is the most happiest child ever. He loves to play and smile. He is basically SPOILED...what are we going to do, LOL! He has a right to be though. Jordan just amazes us everyday. It's such a highlight in me and his father's day to see him do the simplest things that most would take for granted. He makes us laugh so much.
Leg DOWN!!!

Leg UP!!!
Our baby is doing great. He is currently off ALL IV's and oxygen. He is reaching and playing with his toys. He is also starting to sit up with head control and loves to swing (thank goodness).  Continue to pray for our little HEART WARRIOR as he continues UP his river of recovery.

Oh yea, check out our little man with no tubes!!!

Grown Man Sleeping

Words can't be defined by this look, LOL!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Esophagram Update!!!

As everyone knows Jordan underwent a small procedure called an Esophagram yesterday. Doctor Huang stated that the esophagus is still intact but there is a small opening where sutures were administered. Luckily, where the hole is, it is contained and he is on antibiotics for the risk of infection. Dr. Huang and Dr. Green stated that hopefully through normal healing the whole will close and they will complete another test in about 2 weeks.

Currently Jordan was extubated and is resting well. Pray for our J-man so that the whole will heal and he can continue is path of recovery to come on home.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today, our J-man is FIVE WHOLE MONTHS OLD!!! And what better way to bring in the day by pulling out his breathing tube. Yes he did!!! So let's recap what has happened in the past week...

Since our last post, Jordan was preparing for his next big sugery for his Esphogeal Atresia. This is where his esophagus will be connected back together. He recieved some therapy to work on his cognitive skills. This was SO fun to watch. Check him out...

Along with therapy, we all made sure that he rested. His big brother Brian Jr. also got a chance to see him and they bonded so well. Brian gave his little brother kisses and played with him with the Valentines Hearts that we decorated his room with.

On the morning of his surgery we all got to give him hugs and kisses and told him that we love him. Daddy gave him the usual pep talk that they have and kisses to go along with. I held him until it was time for him to leave the room and sang to him with love and kisses to follow. We all told him to do good and we'll see him when he comes back.  Brian Jr.'s exact words were, "Bye Jordan. See you later. I love you!!!" And they wheeled him off at 8:15am. The surgery was preformed by Dr. Huang and Dr. Green at LeBonheur Children's Hospital. Surgery started at 9:42am and lasted until 5:05pm. The surgery took a bit longer than expected due to scar tissue and making sure that they were as careful and accurate as possible for complete success. And he did great during the entire procedure. Alas, he came back...

...With no NG tube in his nose or mouth and no need for oral suctioning

Two days later he was extubated, but only to return back on the vent because he was really working too hard trying to breath on his own with his new connected esophagus.
Day 2: Looking Good!!!
Jordan is now resting comfortably. He is expected to go to radiology on Monday, February 13 to receive an esophagram. This is where they will stick a probe down his throat with dye to make sure there is no leakage where his sutures are connected and that they are healing properly. If all is well, Jordan will be extubated no later than Tuesday and speech therapy will start with feeding a little by mouth for the first time. He will also continue to receive majority of his feedings through his G-tube.

Thanks to everyone that have been sending prayers to him. God is really working miracles. Here are some pics of him a couple of days before surgery and our gift from our friend Jackie...

Big Eyes and NG tube in nose

Love this pic!!!

Check out my shoes world!!!

Grown man sleeping, lol

Yey, our stationary!!! Great for cognitive skills, THANKS JACKIE!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snuggle Time

Today was snuggle day!!! Jordan enjoyed his self in my lap all day. He also received PT(physical therapy). Our baby is learning to hold his head up. I loves to hold his arms up and bat at items. He also has found his hands and loves to gnaw and nibble on his thumb, too cute:) His new thing is watching television. Sprout is his fav and the movie Cars.

On a medical note, Jordan is doing very well. He is maintaining his SATS. His heart rate is great. He has switched oxygen flows to a less invasive one, which is VERY good. He is also scheduled to get his esophagus repaired on Monday 7am sharp so please keep him in your prayers. The sooner this surgery is done, the sooner he will be home. Can you say EXCITED!?!?

Please keep Baby J in your prayers as he takes his journey up the river of recovery...

Snuggled w/ Mommy

Aaaawww, I love it!

I don't wanna....

The leave me alone look