Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Surprise, Surprise....

Well, we have had a lot going on since Valentine's Day...Okay Valentines day was fun. Jordan got his first Valentine's from a wonderful church group (who I will be sure to thank and mention as soon as I find out who they are). Due to his central and artery lines being in on this day he could not put on any clothes. So we got some red socks. Jordan LOVED them!!! He even practiced lifting his foot to see the bright color.

His first Valentine's Day Cards...Aaaw!
Window Decoration

Jordan and his RED sock
Hospital Door  Decorations

Jordan lifting his foot to see it

Brian Jr.'s V-day card to the family

The inside of Bj's card

In other news, the second esophagram was completed Monday (2/20/12) at 1:15pm. Results were GREAT!!! His small opening showed that it was healing, so Dr. Huang said that she would let him start feeding by mouth this week. She even stated that during the beginning of the test, he was to swallow the meds that is needed to see down the esophagus and he got most of it down. So that was good to know. It seems as if he is the most happiest child ever. He loves to play and smile. He is basically SPOILED...what are we going to do, LOL! He has a right to be though. Jordan just amazes us everyday. It's such a highlight in me and his father's day to see him do the simplest things that most would take for granted. He makes us laugh so much.
Leg DOWN!!!

Leg UP!!!
Our baby is doing great. He is currently off ALL IV's and oxygen. He is reaching and playing with his toys. He is also starting to sit up with head control and loves to swing (thank goodness).  Continue to pray for our little HEART WARRIOR as he continues UP his river of recovery.

Oh yea, check out our little man with no tubes!!!

Grown Man Sleeping

Words can't be defined by this look, LOL!

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  1. Yeah!!! Such a great update! He's ADORABLE!!! I'm so happy to hear things are going so well! <3